If you are like most people, you probably aren’t a staunch follower of extreme decluttering systems such as Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. And if you live in a small apartment, you could probably use more storage space. Instead of giving up your prized or oversized items, the perfect storage solution could be an off-site storage facility.

It’s an option that has become widely adopted in recent years. According to Slate Magazine, one in 11 American households makes use of a mini storage unit.

Here are some reasons why a mini self-storage unit could be especially helpful for an apartment renter.

They Can Lower Your Rent Costs

One of the first reasons people dismiss renting an off-site storage unit is they are worried about the cost. But in fact, a storage facility could actually save you money. First of all, you might be surprised at how much even the smallest units can hold. By paring down the number of belongings you need to keep with you in your apartment, you could discover a smaller unit to be more than adequate. By choosing a smaller apartment, you can cut down on rent significantly.

Some apartment complexes offer additional storage space to renters, such as in the basement of the building. But the monthly fees for these spaces can be considerable. Also, some spaces are not well climate controlled, or the storage area is not well protected from pests or closed to prying eyes.

They’re Great for College Students

For college students living either in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, a self-storage unit can be particularly useful. Dorms are notoriously small with limited storage, forcing students to leave more items behind than they would like.

Also, if you are a student living far from home, it is highly impractical to haul all your belongings home when you are out of school for the summer. A perfect storage solution is a unit close to school. Plus, it frees you up to hop on a plane to travel home when you don’t have to haul your stuff home with you in a car or truck.

Vehicle Storage

Just because you don’t live in a house shouldn’t mean you are not allowed to own a recreational vehicle. But if you live in an apartment, that usually means there is no place for your golf cart, ATV or jet ski. Don’t give up your weekend fun just because you don’t have a garage to store your vehicle.

Some storage facilities are even able to accommodate large vehicles, such as your RV, boat or car. They may offer you different options, such as a covered parking spot, a secured outdoor parking space, or an enclosed garage.

Better Security

Having a storage option for valuable items you don’t have room for in your apartment can offer peace of mind in addition to freeing up space. For example, if you need a place for a television, computer, or musical equipment, you want them to be securely protected. Look for self-storage facilities that offer security features such as keypad access to prevent unauthorized access to the units and 24-hour camera surveillance.

Seasonal Items

For belongings that are only needed for part of the year, a self-serve storage unit can be the perfect storage solution. Seasonal sports equipment, such as skis, snowboards and other winter sports paraphernalia are only needed for cold weather months. For the warmer seasons, you may want access to your fishing gear and tennis racquet, but can easily put them in storage for the winter.

The same is true for clothing items. Winter clothing, in particular, can take up a good deal of storage space. But when you are sure the cold fronts are finished coming through, you can put them in off-site storage and not think about them for several months.

Recreational Equipment

If you enjoy participating in outdoor activities, having a nearby self-storage unit can allow you to keep your equipment accessible without having to stuff them into your apartment. Even hanging your bike from the ceiling is an imperfect solution for storage in a small apartment.

A better storage solution is a self-storage unit where you could keep your bike or other equipment. For example, a canoe or kayak, or even your camping supplies could be conveniently stashed off-site. But when you are ready to get out and have fun, it is easy to swing by your storage unit, pick up your equipment, and off you go.

Better Climate Control

Even if you have access to your parents’ or a friend’s garage for storage, this is not as good an option for your more sensitive belongings. Having the benefit of a climate controlled storage unit allows you to store items such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and documents and protect them from damage from the environment.

Dampness and extreme temperatures can gradually degrade materials. Keep your belongings better preserved in a properly sealed and controlled environment.

Keep Your Belongings With Sentimental Value

Many households will encounter a situation where they will need to find a place for furniture or decorative items due to a change in living situations. Your kids may have all moved out of the house for example, and you decide to scale down to an apartment. But your son or daughter has their eye on that antique cabinet of yours that they hope to have in their own home someday.

You hate to disappoint them, but you simply don’t have room for it. A mini storage unit is the perfect storage solution. Keep it safe and in good condition until they are able to get that first home.

Pack Your Items Strategically

There is plenty of good advice available for the best ways to pack your items in a storage unit. The goal is to keep your belongings in good condition, have quick access to those items you will use more frequently, and make sure you know where to find specific items after you store them.

If you are looking for a convenient mini storage solution in the Jacksonville, Florida area, be sure to contact us at Discount Mini Storage. We offer a variety of storage solutions that are perfect for almost any situation.

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